FAQs - Care in your own home in Kent and Sussex

How much does live-in care cost?
Carers are paid directly by the client at the end of each assignment or on a weekly basis for longer term placements. Daily carer rates start at around £80.00 per day and go up to £85.00 - £100.00 per day for higher dependency levels or couples. Fees paid directly to carers are VAT exempt.

Once the carer starts with you, we charge an Agency Fee. The Agency Fee is £16.00 (plus VAT) per day for the duration of the carer’s stay with you.

Please see our client information brochure for a detailed breakdown of the costs and other factors to consider.

Is there a charge for an initial meeting with you?
Bespoke Care understands that choosing the right care for you or a family member can be difficult and at times confusing. We are happy to meet with you informally or discuss with you over the phone your options in more detail before a decision is made.

Once you are happy to proceed, all new clients are requested to pay a one-off Registration Fee. The Agency Registration Fee is £112.00 (plus VAT).

Who are your carers and where do they come from?
The carers registered with Bespoke Care come from all over the UK. We have ladies registered with us who currently live locally, to British ex-pats who now come back to the UK to work for long-term assignments with clients, as well as ladies originally from overseas who now live and work in the UK. Although most of the carers are female, we do currently have a couple of male carers registered and working with us.

How do you place carers with clients?
Part of our role as the agency is to match clients with carers and vice versa. We understand that live-in care can sometimes take some getting used to and we know how important it is to find the right carer who fits into a client’s home, family and their way of life. That is why we personally meet every client and discuss their individual preferences and requirements. Just as we discuss with carers the kind of client they prefer working with. It is important that both the client and carer are happy.

What areas do you cover?
Bespoke Care is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide care at home all over Kent & Sussex. We are not however restricted to just the South East and have provided care to clients in various parts of the UK.

How soon can we get a carer in place?
Before placing a carer we will arrange a visit with you. Once your specific requirements have been established we can then look at placing a suitable carer. Ideally, it is good to have at least a week or two for this process; however we have placed carers in emergencies on the same day.


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Live-in care ensures someone is always with you, offering a dedicated service and peace of mind and enables you to maintain your own way of life and independence



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