How much does live-in care cost?

All the live-in carers introduced to you work on a self-employed basis, meaning the client pays the carer directly. A carer's rate of pay is dependent on the level of services required and this will be ascertained and discussed with you before care starts.

Recommended carer rates of pay:

From £75.00 per day (£525.00 per week): Companionship & housekeeping

£80.00 - £85.00 per day (£525.00 - £595.00 per week): Companionship, housekeeping, assistance with personal care & medication, dementia care.

£85.00 - £95.00 per day (£595.00 - £665.00 per week): Higher dependency levels & advanced dementia care

£80.00 - £100.00 per day (£560.00 - £700.00 per week): Couples

All rates are to be agreed before a carer begins an assignment with the client. Please note fees paid directly to carers are VAT exempt. Carers will invoice the client directly. Carers are responsible for their own tax, national insurance contributions and personal liability insurance.

Agency fees
Registration fee The Bespoke Care Company charge a one-off Registration Fee of £112.00 (+ VAT)
Agency fee Once a carer starts an assignment, we charge an agency fee of £16.00 (+ VAT) per day for the duration of the carer's stay with you.


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Live-in care ensures someone is always with you, offering a dedicated service and peace of mind and enables you to maintain your own way of life and independence



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